Nuel Partners – What We Do

Nuel Partners – What We Do

Nuel Partners is a bespoke and unusual law firm in Nigeria,  comprising of 3 partners who are leading experts in their field, with 12 law associates and other non-legal personnel. The 3 aspects of what we do include:

Intellectual property, Entertainment & Technology Department:

Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Designs & Copyrights; Intellectual Property Commercialisation; Intellectual Property, IP Valuation; License Agreements, Record Label Establishment; Artist & Label Agreements, Entertainment Contracts, Intellectual Property Tutorials, Domain disputes, Dispute Resolutions in Intellectual Property matters, Litigation, et al.

Our IET department is concerned with protecting your brand/work, minimising risk/costs and maximising profits for you and your company, not just within the local shores of Nigeria, but internationally.

Corporate-Commercial Department:

As part of what we do, Nuel Partners helps in pre-incorporation and post-incorporation matters; corporate finance; mergers, acquisitions and buy-outs; company investigation; local and international commercial transactions; corporate advice; company secretarial functions; B2B and B2C contracts; corporate investments, crowdfunding, fintech, et al.

Because we understand business administration and strategies, our Corporate-commercial department takes on blue ocean strategies to satisfy our clients’ goal. This is why our clients continue to engage and retain our services.

Mediation and Litigation:

What we do when our clients have disputes is to mediate the situation and provide a win-win victory. When negotiation and mediation fails, we do not hesitate to bring on the full force of our legal might for our clients. In mediation and litigation, we are strategic, swift and effective. Our M&L department understands the nature of business relationships and the need to settle matters amicably for sustainable development.  Hence, our clients are often surprised at how we approach issues and make them better than they anticipated. In most cases, and often so, our clients’ disputes are settled timeously and hardly goes to court.

About Us

About Us – Nuel Partners

Nuel Partners are a team of leading experts in – Intellectual Property law, Entertainment and Technology law; Corporate-Commercial Practice; and Dispute Resolution, with over 10years experience.

Nuel Partners is a modern law firm built on the idea of collaboration, care for clients, and success. This explains why our clients are very satisfied and continue to retain our services. Our objective is to remove legal challenges for our clients business model and help them minimise cost and maximize profits. We are a top Nigeria law firm on intellectual property and technology that makes money for our clients.

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